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Leather Interior Kits

We manufacture our replacement leather interior conversion and restoration kits to fit the year, make, model and trim level of your vehicle specifically. Our leather interior packages are not your average slip-on style seat covers, but rather they are designed to replace your factory seat covers completely. Once installed correctly the leather interior package will look, fit, and feel as good as or better than the factory leather interior. Our kits are manufactured here in the USA and arrive to you pre-sewn and ready to install. Once your new leather interior kit arrives you can either enlist the services of a professional upholstery installation facility or you can do the install yourself. During the research and development process for each of our interior patterns we focus on many factors including making the interior as easy to install as possible without detracting from the overall factory fit and finish that we are so well known for. Because of our balanced design and manufacturing perspective, many of our more mechanically inclined and do-it-yourselfer type customers are actually installing our interior packages on their own with great success. With over 2400 different interior and seat cover patterns and a variety of 75+ colors to choose from, we can easily satisfy any and all of your leather interior and seating needs. We now offer online ordering for almost all of our products, but because of the overall complexity of our leather interior packages and the associated options many of our customers still prefer to order over the phone with one of our sales representatives. All of our sales reps are required to have at least 1 full year of hands on installation experience under their belt before they can even start taking customer calls. This means that when you call in and order with a sales rep you can be confident that you will be getting advice and consultation based on both general upholstery installation experience and specific vehicle pattern knowledge. From start to finish offers the best interior products backed by industry leading customer service and a comprehensive 3 year/36k mile warranty. No other leather seat cover looks as good or is as easily installed as our custom made leather interior trim packages. brand leather seat cover kits and interior conversion packages offer you cutting edge custom look while maintaining our industry leading factory quality fitment. These leather upholstery kits include replacement upholstery pieces for all the seats in each specific vehicle interior application. Whether you want to convert a factory cloth interior to leather or simply want to restore a worn factory leather interior a upholstery package is your the solution. If you are looking to replace a part of an interior or would like to know more specifically what your particular application will include then please call us at 1-866-NEW-SEAT.

Shift and E-Brake Boots

Our custom shift boots and e-brake boots are handcrafted from the same leather as your interior. They are available in any of our colors, and on some vehicles we can two-tone the boot to match your custom interior! They are patterned from the factory boot, so they will fit just like factory. Both the Shift boot and the E-brake boot are available in matching vinyl as well.

Leather Steering Wheel Wraps

If your factory steering wheel wasn’t leather wrapped from the factory or if your factory leather wheel has seen its better days then you have come to the right section of our website. We offer two different solutions for you, one is a universal leather steering wheel wrap and the other is an OEM quality leather wheel restoration service. If you are looking for a very affordable way to put leather on your wheel then the universal wraps are probably for you. If you are restoring a car to factory specs or if you are just tired of looking at a worn factory leather wheel and you don’t want to settle for anything less than factory quality fit and finish then we can most likely restore your wheel to its original condition.

Leather Hides and Matching Vinyl

Here at, we only use the highest quality materials. All of our leather is vat dyed and finished to automotive grade specs. All of our matching vinyl is also finished to automotive grade specs. In order to keep our leather interior and accessory prices as low as possible we order our leather hides by the drum and our vinyl by the roll. Thus we do offer the same hides and vinyl that we use in our products direct to the public. Vinyl is available by the linear yard, where as leather is a completely natural product and will vary in shape and size. Leather hides are not measured by the yard like vinyl, but rather they are measured by square feet.   We specifically sell our leather by the quarter hide; half hide, or whole hide. Average hide sizes are 45-55 square feet for a whole hide.

Installation Tools

Our installation tools selection offers you the entire set of specialized interior tools needed to complete an interior installation, and also sells each tool separately if more is needed at another time. This set of tools includes hog-ring pliers and all the hog-rings and upholstery glue needed for a successful install. You will also find a few other interior tools that are not needed for completing an install, but may allow you to complete the install a lot faster and smoother. The avid do-it-yourselfer can easily give their vehicle’s interior a complete makeover from ground up with the tools provided here.

Seat Heaters and Massagers

We at desire to be your total interior accessory source. One of the products that many customers feel go hand in hand with a leather interior is a seat heater option. Our aftermarket seat heater kits offer a warm and therapeutic heat. The seat heater elements are very thin and are made to install between the factory foam core and our leather seat covers. Once installed they can neither be seen nor felt through your new seat covers. The new seat covers and the carpeting under the seat conceal all the wiring for the unit. Though most of our customers use these seat heater kits with our leather interior covers, these kits can be installed underneath factory cloth, vinyl or leather.

Leather Maintenance

All of our custom-made leather interiors are backed by an industry leading 3-year/36k mile limited warranty. Unlike many of our competitors we warranty our products no matter who installs them, but that means that we do require that our customers maintain their new leather interiors on a regular basis. This maintenance is to ensure that their interior lasts as long as it should. We recommend conditioning your leather at least once per month. However it is important that before conditioning the leather to clean the surface of the leather using a non-abrasive/non-silicone based cleaner. We recommend using Mothers brand of cleaners and conditioners.

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