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ABOUT | OUR COMPANY is not your stereotypical, online "dotcom" company.  We are an automotive upholstery company with our headquarters and brick and mortar location in Oklahoma City.  We specialize in providing a wide array of automotive upholstery kits for the internet community.  We offer ready-to-install leather interior kits, which are shipped all over the world, as well as a ever growing variety of raw materials, basic installation tools, and professional automotive upholstery supplies.  

Our | History

In early 2000, a small group of friends with a passion for automotive tuning and customization gathered to discuss an idea for an online company that catered to the do-it-yourself automotive enthusiast market.  This group was lead by Eric Paysnoe, who had found a solution for reupholstering late model vehicles with a pre-sewn upholstery kit.  These kits, while on the advanced end of the DIY spectrum, were pre-sewn and ready to be installed.  Previously, the automotive upholstery market was limited to mainly custom one-off interior kits provided by local upholstery shops or to pre-sewn upholstery kits for older, classic vehicles.  For years, these classic cars and trucks were being reupholstered with upholstery kits by shade tree mechanics, who loved learning and doing everything on their own vehicles.  From personal experience, Eric knew that this market existed for late model vehicles as well, the new generation of shade tree mechanics.  With this view, Eric and two other friends from that initial group decided to act by building a rudimentary website and starting to market these pre-sewn kits mainly to automotive car forums and automotive clubs which were filled with DIYers.  

Initially, our production capacity and pattern archives were quite limited, but these problems were quickly remedied and we found that desire for upholstery solutions for all types of customers was in great demand.  It was not just the new generation shade tree mechanics that were looking for solutions, but there was a diverse range of customers all looking for how to take care of their upholstery needs.  Some of these customers were happy to find a pre-sewn upholstery kit and install it themselves while others would receive the kit and then find a local shop which they trusted to do the installation for them.  Our developing customer base required us to broaden our customer service representative's tools and training as well increase the services we provide to our customers.  Some of these services include: sending free color samples, email pattern verification, lineart and picture archives, and others.

Custom Metal Fabrication
Chevrolet Corvette Installation
Detailed Hand Painting
Arrowhead Inserts Patterning
Sewing Daytona Style Inserts
Custom Metal Fabrication - Welding
Video Production
Custom Steering Wheel Rewrap

LS | Prime

During these years, we also operated a local custom upholstery shop in Oklahoma City.  This local shop specialized in building world-class custom interiors for late model vehicles.  However, as our reputation and customer base grew online, we began to have more requests for high end one-off style upholstery kits.  So, in 2008, we opened our LS Prime division, which is an extension of our local upholstery services that we have offered for many years.  Our LS Prime division handles all of our outside-the-box, custom requests like diamond pleated or arrowhead pleated inserts as well as the production of many of our specialty packages like the C7 Corvette Leather Upholstery kit.  You can find out much more information about the custom inserts and packages that LS Prime offers by going to our Bespoke Services page.

Our | Location

Our shop is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma which is in the heart of the United States. It is conveniently centered at the crossroads of two major shipping lanes, I-35 and I-40. Our Oklahoma City facility located near the intersection of I-35 and I-240. For more specific instructions, please visit our contact page and click on the map for exact directions. We warmly invite you to come and visit our showroom and talk to one of our sales reps about any of the interior needs.