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Thank you for visiting LeatherSeats 101.  Here we take provide a broad range of information on a wide variety of topics.  Many of these articles are in response to our customer's most common questions or specific product information that we feel is important to inform our customers of.  This particular article covers the basics for ordering partial interiors and the issues associated with only replacing or repairing a portion of a leather interior.  Continue reading below to find out more information...

Chevrolet Silverado Cushion Only Replacement - Note the Color Match to Plastics and Age of Old Backrest Leather
Chevrolet Silverado Cushion Only Replacement

Are you trying to replace a portion of your old and worn out interior?  Looking for a solution for that driver's side cushion or backrest that is cracked and faded?  The solution typically requires the replacement of pieces or repair of the part that is in disrepair.  A partial replacement seems like it would be a simpler, easier, and more inexpensive option versus replacing a whole seat or the whole interior, but this is not always the case.  We, at, design our interiors to give the customer the greatest savings when purchasing the whole kit, but we can sell specific parts of the interior as might be needed by the customer.  However, we do not typically advise our customers to go the direction of partial replacement because replacing only a small portion of an existing interior can be complicated and result in a less than optimal outcome.  This complexity is mainly caused by the car manufacturers who produce many different interior variations and colors for each generation of vehicle.  This amount of variation makes matching an existing interior difficult, but it is not impossible if the pattern and materials can be matched closely enough.  As a general rule, it is always best to replace as much of the upholstery as possible so that color and pattern matching will not be much of an issue and so that you do not have a clash between old worn-out leather and brand new leather. Take a look at the image to the left and you can see how closely the new leather matches the original color on the side plastics.  However, the cushion only replacement makes the seat backrest look old, worn, and discolored.

Firstly, we need to make sure that we have the correct pattern that will fit and match your factory pattern.  This seems simple, but most manufacturers will produce several seating configurations per vehicle.  For example, Toyota, in 2010, built the Camry with at least 3 different seating configurations for the US domestic market.  Each individual seating configuration has to be patterned and produced as a separate/independent pattern number.  So firstly, we need to make sure we have the correct seating configuration  that matches your configuration.  It is also common for manufacturers to build a factory cloth and factory leather version of each seating configuration.  These versions are many times identical, but there are cases where the factory cloth version and the factory leather version are completely different in dimensions, attachment points, and style. generally patterns the factory cloth versions of these interiors and so for a few interiors where the factory cloth and factory leather are completely different then we might not have the applicable pattern.  However, always call us to check.  Some of these factory leather and factory cloth versions produced by the manufacturers are the same in dimensions and attachment points, but are only different in style.  This is much more common and can be very conspicuous or very subtle.  This means that both cloth and leather versions of the pattern will work interchangeably, but the styling or cosmetic pattern of the upholstery will be different.  As a result of this issue, we request that any partial interior inquires contact our upholstery professionals for more information on compatibility.

Acura Legend Before Fronts Only Leather Replacement
Acura Legend Before Fronts Only Leather Replacement
Acura Legend After Fronts Only Leather Replacement
Acura Legend After Fronts Only Leather Replacement

Before and after images of fronts only leather replacement.  Note that if only the driver's side was replaced then you would definitely noticed a difference from side to side.  It is always best to replace as much of the interior as possible so that more pieces match.

The other trouble area with doing a partial replacement is the materials match.  This can be a deal breaker as it can be very difficult to match the color and grain of leather.  The reason for this is because every vehicle manufacturer uses, on average, 3 base interior colors for each model.  These 3 base colors can change from model to model within a specific manufacturer for just a specific year.  That creates a wide array of color possibilities for each manufacturer in just one specific year range.  Now you multiply those color possibilities times all the different manufacturers and then times all the different models from about 1990 and up and you will find a virtually impossible list of leather to source and keep track of. does not try to match a specific manufacturer's materials and instead we have created a wide array of colors in our own line of leather.  This means we can typically get very close in matching the color of most of the original interiors, but the type of leather and grain of our leather will be different.  There is really no solving this as we do not take any custom material requests or try to source a special order material or a single job.  For this reason, we STRONGLY suggest that all of our customers receive leather samples to not only match the color, but also make sure that the grain of the leather is going to be acceptable.

These complications in matching existing patterns and materials makes it impossible for us to sell parts or partial interiors online. You will need to contact us directly so that we can make sure we find the best solution for you. You should also take a look at our Color Matching information to help you choose the right color for your interior once you have received samples. For more information on ordering parts or partial interiors, you can email or call us directly at 1-866-NEW-SEAT.  


  • focuses on producing whole interior kits for replacing all the seat upholstery within a vehicle. However, we can sell just a part or portion of the interior.

  • Replacing a portion of an interior through our parts department is possible, but this process requires matching both the pattern and colors.

  • Every automotive manufacturer builds multiple seating configurations with different patterns and interior colors for each model they produce.
  • Replacing a portion of an interior through our parts department is possible, but this process requires matching both the pattern and colors.
  • Contact us via email or by the phone so that we can help you match both the pattern and color if possible.