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All of our leather is a natural product that comes from tanneries across Europe. It is a completely natural product and is guaranteed to meet or exceed expectations for our automotive upholstery kits. Keeping your seats nice requires some attention. We recommend cleaning and conditioning the leather once every couple of months for the most optimal results. This process is a simple one that can greatly increase the life of your leather upholstery. Most natural leather comes from the hide of a cow. Because of that, it acts very similar to your skin. You wash your hands regularly and put lotion on to keep your hand from drying out, you should do the same thing with your leather. The process that we recommend is simple. First, begin by liberally applying Mother's brand leather cleaner either onto the seat directly or onto a brush or microfiber cloth. Moving in a circular pattern, gently rub the entire surface that is being cleaned. For extremely dirty seats, repeat this step a few times. Be sure to not rub too hard as the leather does have a protective top coat that can be worn down over time. If the leather is still stained or dirty after repeating, spray cleaner directly onto the the seat and let it set for several minutes. Once cleaned, wipe off any excess cleaner from the seat and dry wipe the seat to make sure the surfaces are

completely clear of dirt or stains. The next step is to condition the seats. Conditioning the leather is similar to putting on lotion. The purpose is to revitalize the hide and moisturize the leather. Like your hands, you don't put lotion on with dirty hands. You will need to clean the surface before you lock in the moisture. Again, liberally apply the conditioner to the seating surface that you want to revitalize. Once evenly distributed, let sit for several minutes so that the conditioner can soak into the leather. Use clean, dry microfiber cloth to then wipe off any excess remaining conditioner. 

For the process of cleaning and conditioning, we highly recommend using a cleaner that is specifically designed to be used on automotive leather. Harsh chemical cleaner has the potential of damaging the protective top coat on the leather. The top coat provides a clear protective layer on the surface of the leather. This clear layer provides UV protection as well as basic abrasion resistance.

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