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Below you will find one of our acrylic templates used to trace a stitch design pattern onto your material. The 16"x24" "Diamond Wave" Stitch Template is designed to help you map out the stitching pattern onto your material. This template helps ensure accuracy while increasing the speed of your production. Our Diamond Wave Pattern is a great way to make your product stand out and look amazing.

The "Diamond Wave Stitch Template" comes pre-made and ready to use out of the box. To use, center the acrylic template on the panel you want to stitch and us the slits to trace the pattern with a silver pen. Most templates are made from solid colored materials that make it difficult to center the pattern or see the material below however, all of our templates allow complete transparency so that you can easily find the center point. Also if the material moves around during the process, you can easily line the template back up. We do also offer several different sizes and designs in the clear acrylic including a Hex Pleat pattern and different sized Diamond patterns.
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